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word II word

Ever watch a commercial and wonder what their slogan means? Ever hear an old proverb or phrase and wonder where in the heck that came from? Well, never fear confused peoples, II stix is here to save the day!

Using advanced linguisa techniques and dialect breakdowns, the II stix super computers can dissect and interpret any phrase it hears. Check down below to find translations of some everyday sayings... you might be surprised!

And if there's something you hear everyday that's got you perplexed, represent your mind by submitting it to II stix. Our super computers are on the job 4 hours a day, 3 days a week! Hey, we didn't say they were perfect!


Original Phrase
Kid-Tested, Mother-Approved
-Kix Cereal-

Real Meaning
A cereal that is enjoyed by children for its flavor and by mothers for its nutritional benefits

II stix Meaning
If only we can get our moms to feel the same way about drugs ...

Original Phrase
Tonight's Lotto Jackpot $6 million
-Lottery Advertisement-

Real Meaning
Tonight's Lotto Jackpot $6 million

II stix Meaning
Tonight's lotto jackpot $6000 after the taxes

Original Phrase
Can you hear me now?
Submitted by Michael Thantrong, Garden Grove, CA

Real Meaning
Is my cellular phone connection crystal clear?

II stix Meaning
Verizon is my preferred cellular provider for phone sex

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