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Organized booze

organized booze

Everybody can use a stiff drink every now and then, and who better than II stix to promote substance abuse and alcoholism?

In Organized Booze, you'll find a variety of alcoholic drinks that will make you puke, choke, pass out, and wish you were dead. Read up on the ingredients of these deadly drinks and impress your friends as you whip up poisonous concotions at your next party.

Oh yeah... even though II stix is all about fun and immaturity, we do not promote underage drinking or driving under the influence. You wanna get toasted, do it somewhere where you'll be safe and keep others safe. Nothing says ass like someone that can't handle their liquor, so make sure you drink responsibly k? Ass...

And if you are a drunk with alcoholic knowledge, Represent by submitting your killer drink right here.