Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bite Me (2008)

By: Abel Lin

Starring: Jason Michael Fong, Natalise, Katherine Fullenlove, Kimberly Chong
Directed by: Jason Michael Fong
13 minutes

“Can you turn into a bat?… I can put you in my pocket, and feed you like, bat-kibble.” – Preston.

Bite Me, is a short film, by Asian-American director Jason Michael Fong.  Fong also portrays the protagonist, Drake, a lonely accountant cum vampire, who doesn’t seem to have much luck with the ladies and tries his hand at Last-Minute Mate Speed Dating. From that launching point, he meets an assortment of speed daters, including a gay event crasher (que?)… WILL HE FIND LOVE?!?!

This is a velvet two-by-four treatment of the construct of the “Asian American male” as a misunderstood, and sometimes persecuted race. Not to give too much away (the quote alone probably gave away a lot, since this flick runs as at a cool 13 minutes), but I encountered some close-to-home analogies for the white-Asian fetish, twinkies, the works.

And wow, Donkey Kong! Natalise was cast as one of the daters! FYI, this is her second appearance in a movie; the other movie was Ronin Boys, so it’s safe to say this was her better role for the Academies. It’s a cool connection for me because I was the emcee for the University of Massachusetts Amherst Asian Night a year ago, which Natalise was a guest singer. I got a chance to meet her entourage (the agent and old Asian mom), see her sing “Motherfucker!”, and essentially striptease her way into our hearts – no, she sucked. I’d still bonk her regardless. Anyways.

Bite Me isn’t mind-altering or industry-breaking, but it serves its viewers another fancy dish on minorities and love. Skim for pleasure.

Bottom Line: There’s not much to it, but this was an interesting take on the whole monkey business of being the “model minority” male.

More information as well as viewable film can be purchased at http://caachi.com/Members/jasonyerface/bite_me/

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