Friday, June 27, 2008

The Wig

By itsmeallan

A movie about creepy evil wig... lacks horror but makes up for it with gore and plot twist.

Starring: Yu Sun, Chae Min-Seo
Directed by: Won Shin-Yun
106 minutes

The Wig is a 2005 Korean Film starring Min-seo Chae, Hyon-Jin Sa, and Seon Yu. It’s written and directed by Won Shin-yeon.

When I offered to review stuff for II stix, I figured it would be something fairly simple to do.  But when I received this DVD last week, in its cover of guts and gore and a person digging into the back of her skull with her hands, I totally freaked out.  I’m not exactly the person inclined to watch horror flicks—though I like gory movies—I think Asian horror flicks are more potentially frightening than any American horror flicks I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, The Wig tells a story of two sisters, Su-Hyeon and Ji-Hyeon, and begins the film just after Su-Hyeon has just completed chemotherapy for her cancer.  Since she has lost all of her hair because of the treatment, her sister Ji-Hyeon buys her a wig to help her cope with her illness in public.

The beginning of the film drags, for about the first thirty to forty minutes, because the move attempts to compare the different stages of life that Su-Hyeon and Ji-Hyeon are in.  While Su-Hyeon might not recover and probably will die from her illness, she attempts to visit all the places of her childhood, in order to find some sort of peace within herself.  However, her sister Ji-Hyeon is experiencing some relative success with her artwork and seems to have a good relationship with her boyfriend. 

At first Su-Hyeon seems reluctant to wear the wig, but just as soon as she puts it on she begins to change.  When she wears the wig, she’s happier and less worrisome of her ill-fated life.  Ji-Hyeon realizes that her sister starts to look more vibrant and happier and less like her sister, she gets suspicious, and this is where all the strange shit starts to happen.  Like random shots of gruesome stuff that left me puzzled more than being frightened.

Honestly, I thought it was going to be your typical horror movie with the cheap attempts to scare you with the sound effects and the gruesome shots of bodies brutally mutilated, I mean it is in a way, but the plot takes a considerable twist at the end when you realize what exactly is driving Su-Hyeon mad.  It didn’t necessarily freak me out like I thought it would, but I was more grossed out than horrified by the plot twist at the end of the film.

So, if you don’t like gory stuff at all, I wouldn’t recommend you to watch it.  Some parts got pretty silly with the gory stuff (I figured as much since this was the ‘unrated’ version).  And if you like horror films you probably wouldn’t have even flinched at anything this movie will throw at you.  All this film really has is the insane plot twist.  Like I had to replay a scene twice to realize what exactly happened.

I’d say watch it once, rent it maybe, but it’s probably something that won’t earn a spot in your DVD collection.

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