Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lee Seung Gi - Crazy For You

By Michael Cho

We're not that crazy about "Crazy For You".

Hyperbole means nothing to me anymore.

Why?  Because I just listened to Lee Seung Gi’s latest album Crazy For You.  I am at a loss for words.  It’s a struggle now to even put together the words that are floating in my mind and in my veins.  Yes, the album was that powerful, the listening experience was literally visceral.  Because, the English language is limited, I will have to let images speak for me.

This is album is as good as Amy Winehouse is pretty.

When I hear this album, the mental image I get is:


Lee Seung Gi’s Crazy For You, is the most fucking horrible album I’ve ever heard.





This includes Spice Girl solo albums, anything Madonna has put out in the 2000’s, that fucking song from Titanic by Celine Dion, Ja Rule’s entire career, Spin Doctors and all the Limp Bizkit albums.  Oh, and Creed.

You know the album is going to start off poorly, when the first track, A Mask, is a straight up blatant rip off of Maroon 5’s This Love.

It keeps going downhill from there.  The rest of the album is filled with the same over-produced Korean songs, featuring piano and acoustic guitar.  They all sound like songs that are run during the credits of Korean soap operas.  The lyrics are trite, there is too much Ricky Martin Hero-like breathy non-singing.  The couple songs which don’t sound like that, sound like Hoobastank-Lite.

It’s not a good sign when a high school praise band can rock harder than you.

Even in the spectrum of poor, sugary Korean boy-pop, this offering is mediocre and forgettable.  No, this isn’t forgettable, it haunts my very soul.  I listened to this album 3 times so I could feel somewhat confident about what I was about to say.  I am very confident. 

Worst fucking album I’ve ever heard in my whole life.

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Rosie O! Gross!

Posted by UncreativeScreenName  on  04/23  at  02:18 PM

I just wanna know. Why is Rosie no much more nastier than any other celebrity?

Posted by II stix  on  04/24  at  02:11 AM





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