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Not sure how high SEO is on the list right now or even if it’s on it at all, but here are a few suggestions:

- The article listing pages and articles themselves should have a unique browser title. I would suggest moving ii stix to the end of the title seeing as how this site will always be number 1 for an ‘iistix’ search.

Ex: Article Name | Category | II stix

- A meta description is missing from each of the pages.  Meta keywords are not needed as much because a few search engines consider it spam now.

- When you create your paths to articles, replace the underscores with dashes and split those multiple word links with dashes like hotlinks -> hot-links.

- Should lop off the /index/ part from the ‘table of contents’ link. The search engines frown upon different links pointing to the same content.

- Sitemap


Also, can you add a printer-friendly button to the articles? An email a friend button would be nice too.

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On a related topic, ad location and shape can make a huge difference too for ad income.  I have seen clickthrough rates go from 0.1% to 1% (tenfold increase) just by moving the location and shape on a page.  And some page/topic/location/shape combinations get as high as 10-25% clickthrough rate.