workout videos
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anybody use them? anybody recommend any? general thoughts?

i have a couple of pilates/yoga tapes. i dont have enough motivation for them though.

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I bought this, Stuff4Dudes

(maybe nsfw)


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So, I just completed my 1st week of P90x.

It is intense.

6 days of workouts ranging from 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours in duration.  The diet they put you on is crazy too.  Although, the first month is stricly for burning fat.

It is not something for someone to do, if they aren’t in some sort of shape to begin with.

Also, it’s pretty freaking useless if you don’t follow that diet.

I’ve supplemented my P90x with 4 additional days/sessions of lifting, because I really want to gain more mass.  And also because I do not feel some of the exercises work as well for me, only because I lift alot right now.

KBoy did P90x with some insane results.  24% - 8% body fat.


He looks like that photo now.  No joke.

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24% body fat. Yikes. Man boobies????

Uh yeah P90X is effective because also it shows you how to effectively fight off workout plateaus.


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