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blowing chunks

How can you have a phat ass party without chunks being blown all over the place? Final answer... you can't! So stop throwin boring ass wine and cheese get togethers and learn how to play these games, your guests will appreciate it!

And as always, use common sense when consuming liquid poison. Drink too much or drink and drive and you'll end up dead.

Do you know a vomit inducing drinking game?
Represent alcoholics across the world and share your game with us.


Ice Cubes
submitted by: II stix

Empty, dry ice cube tray
1 quarter


This game is very simple and very easy to play. Get a standard ice cube tray and designate one side of it “Give” and one side of it “Take.” Place the tray in front of whoever’s turn it is and have them bounce a quarter into the ice cube tray by slamming it onto the table and see where it lands. For each square back that the quarter falls into, that is how many drinks that person may “Give” or “Take,” depending on what side of the tray it falls in. If the quarter fails to make it into the tray at all however, the shooter must “Take 2” for being such a bad shot. Watch how many people actually go for that “Give 7” when the game first starts…

I Have Never…
submitted by: II stix

Need(s): A brain


In this revealing game, everyone who wants to play sits in a circle with drink in hand. Someone (anyone… it doesn’t matter) starts the game off by saying, “I have never...” and completes the sentence with some weird act of God. Those who HAVE done what you have NEVER done must take a drink. The object of the game is to stay sober while intoxicating everyone else around you, but you can have a few sips too to stay happy. As the game progresses and people get drunker (no, it’s not a word), the embarrassing secrets come out. Sentences like, “I have never performed oral sex” or “I have never imagined my brother naked” can reveal some interesting factoids as people’s inhibitions go down faster than a tequila chaser.

submitted by: II stix

Need(s): A brain


Another easy to play game, have every player participating come with a drink in hand. Sit everyone down in a circle so they know who is before and after them, and proceed to start things off by naming some sort of category (i.e. Cartoon characters). Going in a clockwise manner, each player must then name off any cartoon character that comes to mind when it’s their turn. Any fool who can’t think of one or says the same thing twice has to drink and the game is over. That dummy then gets to start off the next round with any category he wishes. Continue until all the alcohol is gone, or everyone is too faded to talk and think coherently.

Bar Golf
submitted by: tenjay

Golfing attire, the more you look like Payne Stewart, the better.
A course of non-cover charging holes (bars or other drinking establishments) in close proximity to each other.


1. Meet your golfing buddies (the more the better) at the first hole of choice in your golf attire.
2. Order a round of the same drink, one for everybody.
3. Drink the drink and keep track of how many “strokes” or sips it takes each “golfer” to complete their drink.
4. After all golfers have finished their drinks, they proceed en masse to the next hole on foot (let’s be safe here).
5. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 with another chosen drink.
6. Repeat Step 4 to another hole.

So, like golf, the winner is the one with the fewest “strokes” or drinks during the match.  It is not required to play an 18 hole course, and the course size should probably be determined ahead of time.  The golfer choosing the drink at each hole should probably also change after each hole.

Of course, feel free to alter the game as you see fit.

submitted by: Shawn

Something to pick up (spoons preferably)
A full deck of cards
Minimum of 3 players.


Spoons is a very simple game.  The objective is two fold.  One, match up 4 of a kind (i.e: Four 4s, Four Jacks) and two, be holding the pre-determined object.

First you deal out the cards so all players have 4.  Then place the objects in the center of the table.  However you must have one fewer object (or two) as there are as many players (3 players, 2 spoons).  The reasoning is simple, the person w/o a spoon at the end of the game is the person who drinks.

Deal the cards in either direction.  You can only keep 4 cards at once in your hand, so as your draw , you need to look at your hand and see if you need the card.  If you do keep it and remove a card from your hand and pass it to the next player.  This process repeats until 4 of a kind are obtained. If played right, you might wake up next morning spooning your budding that was sitting next to you. *shudders*

submitted by: Ki

Need(s): Brain


In this game, each participant throws out an “image” of what kind of people his/her fellow drinkers are. For example, someone can say, “The bitchiest person is...” and on the count of three, everyone would point to who they think the bitchiest person is. The person who gets pointed to the most must take a drink. But here’s where you can flip the script. If you think that you will get pointed at the most, you can cross your arms to make a “X” and all the people who pointed at you must battle it out with a game of rock, paper, scissors. Loser drinks DOUBLE! Made an “X” and you didn’t get pointed at? Ha ha ha.. sucka. Take a drink! Gradually, you can upgrade to questions like, “The person who watches the most porn is...” or “The person who masturbates the most is...” Snicker.

submitted by: Roger

Need(s): People, Alcohol, Someone who can count


In 7-11, have all players sit in a circle so that everyone’s got a pal on the left and right hand side of them. The game starts by having someone start off by saying "One," and then continues on in a clockwise manner with "Two", "Three," etc… Keep on having everyone count up until you reach a number divisible by either 7 or 11. When one of these numbers is encountered (i.e. 7, 11, 14, 21, 22, 28...), then that person must say "Pass" and then the flow is reversed to counter-clockwise. When the next number is reached, that person must say "Pass" and the flow is reversed again back to clockwise. Continue on until someone messes up by either saying the taboo number or by missing their turn. When all the alcohol has been consumed, take a trip down to the local 7-11 and tell the clerk about how much fun you’ve been having tonite.

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