Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Three’s Company


What it is, bitches?  Your boy TSO, is back with more tales of debauchery and decadence.  Its been a long time and I shouldn’t have left you, without a dope beat to step to.  But what can I say?  Time; man-made as it is, still goes on and with that we go on.  We grow up and get a little older.  We get married.  We have kids .  But none of this means your boy has stopped being TSO.  If anything it means that I’m still the same TSO just in a new scenario or situation.

Since the last time I wrote something, your boy got married and settled down.  Or at least I thought I was settling down.  Wifey comes to me one day and says “I like girls and I want to bring one home for you.” Being TSO this wasn’t a shock, I’ve seen her eat the pink taco before, so like any red-blooded male I say “Cool, we can make a TSO sammich”.

Have you ever seen two chicks kiss?  Have you ever seen four titties at one time?  Well I have, and let me say it’s the best shit since sliced.  Fucking.  Bread.  A lot of nigs would kill to be all cozied up between two luscious honeys and here I was living the dream.  It was a Tuesday or some shit; we signed up for a few dating websites, the adult kind, if you know what I mean.  Anyway we talk to this shorty, she doesn’t live to far so I tell her to come over.  I get home from work, clean up a little but not too much I mean; fuck these hoes, I don’t need to get out of my box for this bitch.

Shorty gets there and the body is like, whoa.  She was from Kenya, as in the country in Africa.  Let me take a sidebar to go ahead and say, if this is how women from African look, its time for me to fucking move.  So we come up and she sits down.  I offer her something to drink but she declines; I’m like whatever I ain’t got shit in the crib anyway.  Wifey gets home in a bit and I let her know, I’ve got a bitch in the living room and she’s DTF, DOWN TO FUCK!!  And she needs some of your boy’s special dressing.

I introduce them to each other and small talk jumps off.  She’s never been with a couple before, that’s cool; we’ve never been with an African broad before either.  Eventually small talk is over and I’m like well I guess we should take our clothes.  Let me say this situation was dry as a motherfucker; this bitch is all nervous, wifey’s all nervous.  No lead up or nothing.

I come back and tell shorty come sit with us on the couch.  They kiss each other in front of me and start making out.  The wifey starts to strip, I’m just sitting on the couch at this point.  Girl gets behind her and starts kissing her neck, grabbing her tits and shit, putting her hand down her pants.  I’m still watcg at this point.  I didn’t want to disturb the mood or whatever.  They’re moaning and shit and its getting hot and heavy.  Eventually I take my pants off to free my dude from his prison. 

At this point this story becomes terrible.  This girl (the Kenyan) was the worse semi-lay I’ve ever had.  See in some situations like this you don’t “go all the way.” This was the agreement wifey and I laid out, some of you might rolling your eyes and you know what, fuck you.  Seeing two girls kiss and make out and do other wild ass shit is well worth the price of fucking admission; whatever that price may be.

I digress, as I said earlier she was terrible. I’ve never had a bitch be so fucking rough with my junk in ever.  But there was still something mad hot about this whole situation.  After a lot of position changes, licking, sucking and fucking, shorty got dressed and bounced.  Just as quickly as shit got started it ended and my life hasn’t been the same since. 

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