Sunday, February 24, 2008

Southern Comfort

By: C C

Ladies, when was the last time a guy opened a door for you, much less offered to pay for your dinner, and called your parents ma’am and sir? It seems that in this day and age, chivalry has died. And while some women rejoice at their newfound independence, there are still a few of us who’d die for some quality loving.

I recently met four beautiful boys from the South, and the first thought that went through my head was, “Whoa, the South.” An area that I associate with peach cobbler, Mardi Gras, whiskey, and rednecks. As it turns out however, they also produce some very close to perfect men. Maybe it’s the water or the women, but whatever it is… southern women have it easy.

Min Jung often laments about the mediocre men of Silicon Valley, and now the dickless men of the net world, and I’d have to agree that somewhere in this vast land of The Golden State something was lost on the men. Perhaps a missing link, a chromosome or two fell by the wayside. These golden men that strive to make the world work have somehow pushed aside all their mother’s training in order to make room for the mess of programming jumbled in their heads. Not to say that all golden men are lifeless pieces of scum, but they’re certainly making themselves a name.

Comparatively, ingrained in those beautiful minds of Southern boys is their innate respect for women. Just today I noticed one the Southerners calling a woman who is a second mother to him “Mrs._____,” and he’s known her for almost ten years! It struck me that perhaps we here on the West Coast are a tad bit on the informal side of matters. The last time a male friend of mine called my mother by her last name was probably on the first day they met her, and then for him to continue to say “no ma’am, yes ma’am"… well, that would have been too much to ask for from the beginning.

I’ve spent many nights praying for beautiful men who may retain just a bit of what their mothers taught them, and I found four that graced my life enough to remind me that not all men are scum.

Heads up to all the ladies (and gents who need to learn) out there, a man who offers to pay on the first date and is shocked to hear that you (as a female) are accustomed to going dutch, and also opens doors for you is a keeper. Too bad these boys call the South home or else they’d have girls beating on their doors.

While the art of wooing or the sheer act of chivalry seems to have died in my life, boys take a grain of chivalry to her door and you’ll never know how far it’ll get you.

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