Friday, September 26, 2008

Pinche Chino

By: Glenn Sakata

Did you know that Asians used to be considered a minority? Back before we began to, God forbid, prosper. It seems that just because most of us aren’t holding up liquor stores and taking welfare checks that we are no longer a minority race.

Things like affirmative action were created to help minorities, but they seem to have left out Asians. Awhile back, there was a black girl in my trig class. She had a lot of trouble and didn’t take calculus the next year. She is going to Stanford. When I was a freshman, I did a project with another black girl who could barely form a coherent sentence. She’s going to UC Berkeley. I also have a Chinese friend. 4’s and 5’s on 9 AP exams, 1530 SAT score, 3.95 unweighted GPA, accomplished violinist, and the list goes on. He was rejected from Stanford.

While my friend now happily resides at Yale, the injustice makes my head hurt. Are colleges so concerned about diversity that they are willing to turn down people like my Chinese friend in lieu of a slightly above average black girl? Just to be fair? We Asians aren’t successful because we have an intelligence geneā€¦ we’re successful because we work hard.

I’m tired of my academic achievements being blown off just because I’m Asian. Everywhere I go, when I tell people I’m an A student, I hear, “Oh, you’re lucky you’re Asian.” Lucky I’m Asian? I worked my ass for my grades, and I get no respect whatsoever. This is not only the fault of other races though. Asians do this too. Asian parents are the worst. I cringe every time I hear an Asian mother yelling at her son for getting an A instead of an A+. Ironically, though, it is this coldness that Asian parents exhibit towards their children that make Asians so successful. We don’t get any of the loving support and accolades for simply trying our best. Instead, we get threats and commands. Is it any wonder we do so well in school? And considering that we are now discriminated against for doing well, is it really worth it?

Maybe we would get some more recognition as a minority race if we weren’t so quiet and respectful. Our culture teaches us to always be polite, always clean up after ourselves, and never make trouble. No one complains about any of the racism we encounter daily. Going to a predominately Mexican middle school, I was referred to most often as “pinche chino” (fucking chinese), and no teacher ever batted an eye. I’m sure if I ever called someone a “nigger” or even “pinche mexicano”, I’d be on the evening news as the 11 year-old racist chink. Where’s the justice?

My vision for the future is the same as most people. I want a world where people are judged based on their merits and not by the color of their skin. I want to be judged based on my achievements and not because my name is Glenn Sakata instead of Pedro Sanchez. So what if the best schools become 75% Asian? Hitler targeted the Jews because the people already resented them. Jews were hard workers and were taking up many of the good jobs. Are Asians destined for the same fate? Maybe it’s already happened. In World War II, the Japanese were relocated to concentration camps. The Germans remained free.

Now if Jesse Jackson were Asian, we’d be set. We’d even have our own cable channel. Forget BET, we need some AET. And some Korean dramas. K-Pop music videos. Anyone else wanna turn on the TV and see Lee Hyo Ri dancing away? Until then, I guess I’m stuck listening to my imported CDs while I study the night away.

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