Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide

By: Calvin Tomita

I’m surrounded by women.

Not that that’s a bad thing or anything, in fact, in a way it’s kinda cool. I sit there at work, checking out the fine females all around me, half looking at my monitor, half checking out the girl in front of me. There’s an advantage of not having cubicles y’know. Instead of pin-up calendars and geeky dot com posters, I can check out chicks in tight jeans and tank tops. Ahh… thank God for California weather.

In a way it’s kinda distracting, especially when you’re completely enveloped by the XX chromosome. Perfume here, PMS there, I think I’ve pretty much gotten used to it all. Sure I hear the occasional male bashing or “What a jerk” conversations, but being Mr. Sensitive, I not only get their compassion, but also the free feels.

What a paradise you must be thinking eh? Or if you’re female, what a chauvinistic sexist pig this guy is eh? In either case, you’re right. But still, working with all women does have it’s disadvantages. Say the water cooler is empty… who do you think gets called across the room to put in the new bottle? Or say there’s some hardware problems with the computer… who do you think always gets called to fix it? And is it too much to ask to learn how to install your own software? Sheesh… sometimes it’s ridiculous.

Then there’s the whole camaraderie thing. You know how frustrating it is to come into work on Tuesday morning and no one has seen RAW is WAR? The WWF is coming through with some sick ass story lines and I’ve got no one to share them with! Shane, Stephanie, Vince, The Rock, Triple H, all providing quality entertainment! And how can I talk about Chyna’s breasts or Jackie’s ass in the workplace without fear of getting sued? Sad I tell you… sad.

Likewise doing stuff outside of work. I mean, I got no problem hanging out at bars and restaurants with good-looking women, even flirting a little bit, but every now and then I wanna go run a pick-up game of ball, or check out a Giants game, or even head over to a strip club to waste my hard-earned money. The Superbowl rolls around for cripes sake and I’m lucky if anyone even knows who’s in it. Minus the lesbians and butches at my company, there’s not much interest in these activities.

Sometimes I wonder why we do have so many women in our company, especially in my department. There’s about a dozen of us, me being the manager. Of the other eleven, two are guys and nine are women. And no, I don’t work in marketing, sales, accounting, or any of them other women dominated professions. I work in the IT field… developing web applications for some of the most powerful companies in the world. Cool stuff eh?

If I just came up to you and asked you to picture what my fellow employees looked like, you’d probably guess geeky nerds with plaid shirts, pocket protectors, and greasy hair. Hmm… how about tight-fitting shirts, skirts, and high heels instead? Not that I’m knocking women or saying that they are incapable of doing this type of work (cause I’m not), I’m just saying that my work environment totally breaks the stereotype of the dot com work force. I guess it helps that the average age of my team is 24 too.

All in all though, I love my team and I wouldn’t trade them in for the world. They’re some of the brightest, most capable people I’ve ever worked with, and it’s a pleasure to be in the company of such talented individuals. And when Jenny wears her little sundress on hot days… hey, that’s just a bonus.

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