Friday, February 22, 2008

Don’t Fight The Feeling


Learn about what goes down in San Francisco's notorious sex club

Have you ever been somewhere where you just kinda stop, take a look around, and then wonder, “What the hell am I doing here?!” I mean you know how you got there, you know why you are there, you just can’t understand what the funk you are doing up in this joint? Every now and then this sometimes happens to me, and usually when it does I have a pretty good story to talk about afterwards.

It was a warm, spring evening when my latest TSO adventure took place. Mike, Dave, Oscar, and myself were leaving “The Twenty Tank,” a micro-brew we frequently visit in San Francisco to get that pre-club buzz goin on, when the most wonderfullest and beautifullest of all things happened. Walking down the street back to our ride, my eye drunkedly focused on a random flyer that was just lying in the street. Well, the flyer had a busty brunette with a black mask on it so maybe it wasn’t so random, but that’s a wholenuther story in itself. Taking a closer look I noticed the following text… “Unleash your wildest fantasies. Power Exchange Ball. Live out your ULTIMATE pleasures.” Taking an even closer look cuz right then my fade was kickin in, my keen eye and super-human brain was able to figure out that the event was goin down next weekend. “Interesting...” I muttered to myself in between burps, and a devilish plan came to mind…

“I ain’t down with that!” Oscar said definitively, which really didn’t surprise me since he’s the wussy of the group, but everyone else said that they were good to go. At least to just check the place out and see what’s up. Even though San Francisco got plenty of nightlife and things to do, sometimes a fella just needs to stretch out and extend his circle of pleasure. Know what I mean? So for the next 7 days I waited, and planned, and planned…

Saturday eventually rolled around and I brought up this “Power Exchange” thing again on our way to shoot some hoops, but things didn’t go according to scheme. All the homies seemed to have either A) already made some wack plans, B) were too scared to go (a la Oscar), or C) already found some tail so didn’t need to pay some good money to get some. The only other foo down with Power Exchange was Mike, cuz Mike is usually always down for whateva.

So around 11 o’clock that night we headed over to the spot where this, “Night of unleashing our fantisies” was supposed to take place. Mike and I entered the club only to see a transsexual and a refugee from the Village People working at the desk. “Hey man, I don’t think this is my bag kid!” Mike murmured as we moved to the door.

“Sure it isn’t...” I joked with him. “Ay yo, there’s females up in here right?” I asked.

“Pl-l-l-l-enty!” Ru-Paul answered, as if he thought he could get some play.

“More than you can handle!” added the man with tasseled chaps, looking like he just shot the YMCA video. Right then I gave Mike the “see… it’s all good” look and we shelled out our 20 dollars and stepped through the door, not knowing what’s up on the other side.

We headed down a dark hallway and came to a set of stairs, one set going up and one set going down. Behind the stairwell there was a medium sized room, and what a room it was! As we walked forward and stepped into this hot, musty opening, we saw that 2 sides of the room were lined up with jail cells. Four of the cells were equipped with a bed and a toilet and the other two were equipped with this leather type, sling hammock contraption, which could only serve one purpose… SEX! This one cell in the corner had quite a crowd gathered around it so me and Mike moved on up to it to see what was goin down. The crowd was kinda hard to size up since the room was pretty dark, but as soon as I got close enuff I saw plenty more than I needed too! Crossdressing men and a bunch of fellas with their hands in their pockets, and they weren’t lookin for change.

I took a peek in the cell and I almost got my twenty bucks worth right there! There was a white couple getting freaky anal style, and three Asian FOB touristy type-looking people watching, two gals and a dude. Both Asian girl’s pants were down at their ankles and the fella’s hands were stretched out, reachin for dem azzes. As I looked on and tried to get a better view, I accidentally bumped into one of the peeps standin next to me. I jumped back realizing who knows what the hell I’m bumping into, when the painted She-Male I accidently nudged in the side turned towards me and gave me that look. That was more than enough incentive for me to remove myself from the crowd. I nodded my head at Mike and motioned my homie to follow me so we can check out the other areas of this place. We went upstairs and found a sort of electric forest with black lights and neon tents. Up here there were plenty more men searching for something to masturbate to and gay males walkin around askin’ you for some of that doggy dog lovin.

“Whatcha think Dude?” I asked my homie and turned around. The only thing I saw behind me was Mike double-timin it back to the staircase to go down. I chased him down and asked, “What’s up man? Where you goin?”

“Dude there’s just homos up in here!” Mike whined, “This ain’t my fantasy!”

“Yeah right! Whateva...” I joked, “Let’s check out down stairs again aight?”

Aight, but I think I’mma wanna bounce outta here soon if shit is like this ya know?”

We walked down the stairs and then continued on down the second flight of stairs, and I could see we were about to enter what was called “The Dungeon.” As I stepped off the last step I could smell the faint odor of Male BO behind me. I turned around to make a snide comment to my friend when out of nowhere this nasty ass 260 pound beast smellin of arm pit cheeze and car exhaust appeared. He pulled on a chain and a man in his late twenties came crawling behind him, butt nekkid except for a leather mask equipped only with eye holes and a zipper on the mouth. He tugged his “boy” over to the corner as I looked over at Mike and taunted him, “Miss yo friend with that new kid?” He waved to me with a certain finger to let me know he heard me.

There was plenty of funked up stuff down here to look at. Big X shaped structures to tie a victim to and whip, pommel horse like things for a victim to bend over and get spanked on, and little places everywhere to tie up and smack a helpless lover. I took a look around some more and noticed this HUGE white ass starin right at me with rosy cheeks, compliments of her pingpong paddle weilding master. Guess she was being bad and he needed to teach her a lesson. I looked around some more and saw that they even had a Rack to tie people up and stretch! That’s when I started wondering if I could fit one of these bad babies in my bedroom…

Walking around down here you see quite a lot o’whippins goin on. I even saw a man ejaculate just from getting his beatin on. Not like I wanted to see that but I had to mention it cuz it was quite unbelievable to both me and Mike. Just when I thought the night was gonna be filled with gay men cummin on each other, I saw something, something good. Over in the corner of The Dungeon, there was this one guy strapped into a barber’s chair with two females groping, kissin, and lickin all of his good parts. I watched for a bit and I could see that this foo was gonna bust his nut soon. Right when it looked like he was gonna spray his cream, one of the girls pulled out an electrode type thing and shocked the dude on Mr. Buddy!

“Ouch!!” Mike yelled out as if he was the one who felt the pain. I didn’t say nuttin but I felt it too. We continued on and just basically checked the place out. From my visual scan and survey of the room, a lot of these “masters of torture” seemed quite interesting to me. Most dressed very eccentrically, such as one guy who wore tight black pants and a puffy lookin shirt with one big hoop earring to get that pirate look. There was also a dude in full cowboy gear from head to toe… hat, chaps, spurs, and even a bullwhip hooked onto his waist. The most out of place lookin guy to me though, was this one fella who wore this golf outfit, complete with Sunday golf bag. But to make him a master, inside the bag was his flogging equipment and switches, tools of the trade I guess…

Tired with all this S&M biz, me and Mike went back upstairs to sit down and chill for a bit. We took our seats making sure to visually inspect it first for little white droppings, and then felt it was safe to sit down. No more than five minutes passed when a female, or at least what seemed to be a female sat in the chair next to me. Okay… no adams apple… CHECK… no facial hairs… CHECK… ummm… shaved legs… CHECK… size C breas…

“Hello”, she murmured in a very nice soft feminine voice.

Phew! I sunk into my seat relieved. “Hello” I responded in a bit of an awkward tone. She looked at me with a confused look on her face. “No, I’m just glad that you’re female!” I said, followed with a quick chuckle. She chuckled too…

“So sexy… you look like a fish out of water” she says to me with a nice smile. She was about in her late twenties, blonde hair, green eyes, and lots of make-up on kinda trashy… just my style…

“So what was your first clue?” I asked her. “The fact that I’m not wearing a mini-dress, or that my pants don’t have a jizz stain on them?” She giggled some more and we went on talking about what was goin down in here, as well as her little comments about some of the “regulars” in the club. She asked me if I thought my fantasies could be played out here… but I was unsure. I thought all the He-shes and circle jerkers might spoil the mood for me, but I’m was always open to new experiences.

By this time I was feeling pretty comfortable talking to her, but I felt kinda bad since Mike was just sittin there lookin like he’s ready to go to sleep. That’s when this couple from downstairs we saw earlier walked into the lobby where we were. The guy was about 25 with what I guess you would call his female sex slave behind him on a leash. The slave was about the same age, pretty attractive, and dressed in a silk nighty. The guy sat down next to Mike and the girl kneeled down before him. All he had to do was point to his crotch and the girl unzipped his pants and started to give him oral stimulation. Mike kicked back and watched them go at it, and knowing that he’d probably be content with this free show for awhile, I turned my attention back to the hot blonde sitting at my side… “So are you finding anything you like here?” she asked me innocently…

“Well, this bondage stuff is interesting to me. Not to be on the receiving end or anything, but the whip weilding end of the game,” I told her. She asked me why and I didn’t know what to tell her, since I was wondering the same thing about the rest of the people playing around. I mean what makes a man say… I wanna be this big fat biker guy’s slave and walk around on a leash wearing a leather mask and let him pat my ass and anyone else that he’d let grope me? Even the 80 year-old guy in the corner wearing girl’s panties was having a good time here. That’s when I started thinking to myself… hmmm… it’d be kinda coo to dress up like Zorro and give some ladies a little whip weilding pleasure. I mean, I’ve never had fantasies before about punishing a girl, but the sight of me striking a willing slave with my bullwhip kinda turned me on…

As I was telling this to my lady friend, I noticed that the same bearded whatever in a hot-pink mini-dress kept passing by me and looking my way. I thought this was a bit perculiar since all the chairs in the lobby were full and I hope he wasn’t thinking of coming over to “proposition” me. Sure enough, after about three or four passes, Pinky walked over towards me, but then actually leaned into Mike and whispered something to him. The expression on Mike’s face will stay with me a lifetime! “All right man we’re out of here!” he yelled as he jumped from his seat.

“I guess I gotta run sweetie,” I apologized to her.

“Thats OK I understand,” she assured me, “Are you gonna come back again?”

“Only if you’re here,” I said with a grin. She nodded and said, “Ok then I’ll bring the Twister game and you bring the baby oil, k?” She gave me her card and just like the guy getting the BJ next to me, she kissed where I was pointing… my cheek. I went outside since Mike was already there and checked out what her card said. It had her name and her phone number, everything that I might need later on for a night of delictable pleasure. I glanced over at Mike and asked him, “Hey dude, What did your lover say man?” with a smirk.

“Whatever that guy said you will never know!” See Mike knows that if he ever lets this out, then he would never hear the end of it from me or any of the boyz. As we jumped into the car and started our drive back over the Bay Bridge for home, we commented back and forth our opinions on “Power Exchange.” All I heard from Mike was a lot of fag this, homo that, you know you wanna be one of them crap, so I asked, “Hey man, wanna go back next week?”

“No way man!” he quickly answered, “I mean there was some cool shit in there, but for the most part too much sausage. I didn’t go expecting a schlong fest. Besides I was like siting in that lobby watching the she-males go by and the dudes with rubber outfits thinking, “What the hell am I doing here?”

He laughed and we continued on. As for me, I had a pretty good time there actually. I wouldn’t recommend checkin it out though unless you’re really open-minded about gays, transsexuals, and all that biz. All of that didn’t bother me too much, and that’s what you see a lot of in there. If you’re gonna go to get laid, then forget it. Besides, even though they supply you with all the condoms you need inside, you never know how clean the people are in there. Don’t wanna go out with the HIV know what I’m sayin? Just go to look around and for the experience and so you have cool stuff to talk about to your grandchildren. In a way, it was kinda interesting to see the bondage stuff and the punishment and all dem foolios who use it. I guess it all comes down to personal prefererence and whateva you’re into. As for me, I’m not gonna say if I’ve ever gone back or not, but I will say that the next game of Twister I played… I couldn’t lose…

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