Thursday, February 21, 2008

Boys to Men

By Chris Tsubamoto

Dropping the science on why boys act like boys, and men act like men

Q: I’m 15 right now and the guys my age are so immature! None of them are dating material, which is why girls my age go for older guys. I swear they are so immature! I actually remember them being more civilized when they were 5! It makes me so mad just looking at them. They laugh when people get hurt, they torture handicaps and fobs, they are very perverted and they like to show it, and they like to shoot paper at people during class. And yes, the list goes on. I was just wondering at what age do boys become matured men...or just act like normal people?

-Jasmine Cheng, Vancouver, CANADA-

Umm… we never do. We are men, and we are immature.

Although… that really depends on your definition of immature, which is a subjective term at best. Does riding around on horses with goggles and sticks whacking a ball across the field sound like a mature thing to do? No… but playing polo is perceived as a gentleman’s sport, and quite dignified.

Everyone knows that girls mature faster than boys. But when you’re a teenager, you just don’t get it. How many times has an adult ever come up to you during your teenage years to explain something that you will “understand later.” Not to sound like an old geezer or anything, but it’s totally true. There are just some things in life that you can only understand through experience, and at the ripe age of 13-17 you just don’t know.

The problem here… is that when you are 13-17, you think you know everything and anything. There is an aura of confidence mixed with ignorance that makes a teen feel invulnerable and capable of doing anything. It’s only when you look back at your teenage years as an adult that you fully understand and note how stupid you were. Like kids that think they’re ready to get married or have a baby. At 17 you think you can do it. At 22 you realize that although you love your child, you have basically crushed any hope you had at accomplishing any personal goals in life. Sad… but all too common and true.

Anyways, I digress. Enough of this sensitive shit…

You can hate on the boys for being immature, but you cannot alter our evolutionary programming. In the past, boys that were as young as 10 were called to go to war, to hunt and gather, to start working to support an entire family, to go on expeditions into a new frontier. Darwinism at it’s finest. The strong survive, and the weak get culled. You cannot except to suppress hundreds of thousands of years of evolution into a few hundred and expect boys to sit in a classroom while a teacher lectures on chemistry without being a bit restless. Today they might be throwing paper balls at each other, but 100 years ago they were firing rifles at each other on a battlefield.

So do boys do stupid shit? Yes, without a doubt. Should they have enough will power to refrain from doing idiotic things? Yes, without a doubt. But it is in our blood, and there is always an internal struggle going on within us. Instead of acting on impulse, we subconsciously have to make decisions on how others will perceive our actions. And if you think they’re immature? Hey, that’s your problem. My buddy over here thinks making fun of fobs is cool and talking about fucking girls is fun.

I’m definitely not trying to justify their actions… but at the same time I’m asking you to understand. A boy will become a man when faced with a responsibility strong enough to overcome any immaturity within him. This usually comes in the form of college, a family, a first job, moving out, etc… When the boy finally understands that without independent intelligent and rational thought, his actions will be detrimental to not only himself, but those around him. High school boys aren’t typically faced with these types of confrontations or decisions.

So… hang in there and don’t worry. There will be a point when boys will start making sense and “grow up.” Then you will begin to understand why there are bowling leagues, guy’s nights out, and football on Sundays.

And those old guys that you think are so “mature?” I’ll bet you 1000 to 1 that they’re bragging to their friends about the young girl they’re fucking on the side… while dissing ugly chicks and fobs… while laughing at that guy who just walked into a window. It’s true… oh, it’s damn true. 

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