Founder / Big Cheese
Ki graduated from San Jose State with a degree in Graphic Design with an emphasis in Illustration. Beside running II stix, he also runs Ki-Han Design and comic strip called The Mochi.

Editor / Da Teacha
Gar is an Oakland-born, Seattle-raised Chinese guy with a penchant for underground hip-hop, indie movies, and used books. A public school teacher with a master's degree by day, Gar spends his free helping out II Stix by editing articles and inserting helpful comments on the forum like "hahaha" or "you bastard".

Columnist / Legal Assasin
Michael Cho is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Political Science. He spends his day watching out for his Corporate Overlords and his spare time in Mixed Martial Arts and missing good snowboarding.

Forum Admin / Marketing Geek
Jay graduated from San Jose State with two graduate degrees, an MBA and a Master of Science in Engineering but instead of working for the Man he plans on changing the world, one message board at a time, one marketing plan at a time.

Tech Guy / Cybernetically Enhanced Ninja
Baltimore born, Baltimore bred, Shawn spends all day playing video games. You have a job, while his job is to play video games. How is life fair again?